Wish I could keep it.

I loved working on this violin. It had a large crack in the lower treble bout that was previously, and horribly repaired with white glue and another one of those needle and thread cleats, where for some reason they used thick black string to pull up the cleat. It's up and running now with nice little diamond cleats. This one has my kind of voice, great lows with rich slightly muted highs. The color is very dark, and took many layers of varnish to match.
I'm rather proud of my replacement wing on the bass f-hole, I would defy you to spot where the original wood ends.

The Waiting Room

Some violins I'm working on. All in various states of repair. Third from the left is the first fiddle I ever made. Its like my eyes were broken or something back then.

The In House Shop.

My in home shop. I can't wait for my real studio to open up.